Wylam - Never Say Never, 0.5%

NEVER SAY NEVER... for eons we have asked when we were going to make a no/lo beer and we always retorted... NEVER!

Then, one hazy afternoon at some far flung beer festival, we bumped into the good folk from MASH GANG and drank some splendid liquid and chewed the cud. Great people with great vision and more than a modicum of good humour. So we banged heads with them on doing a collab. and invited them here to the Palace to brew with us.

No/Lo is a dark art not easily mastered and we have learned so much... if you like it we may even brew No/Lo beers!

We cut no corners with the hop bill and fully loaded with El Dorado and Superdelic ensuring the Wylam hop character is surely present in this beer.


VeganAlcohol Free
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