Polly's - The Same Creative, 5.0%

As we’ve evolved throughout our six year history here at Polly’s, so too has our confidence on certain styles that have now become so very commonplace here at HQ. Sour beers were always a mysterious siren to us when we first started the brewery, and it was the recruitment of our resident sour beer wizard Lally that opened the possibility of adding these wonderfully complex beers to our arsenal. As our brewery has developed, so too has our brewing team; and Lally has passed his knowledge along before moving to a brewery production and planning position to our now head brewer Joe; who has taken the mantle and hit the ground running with The Same Creative. A fruited sour with a heavy lashing of Apricots and Cherries, this is a beer that positively drips with sweet stonefruit characteristics before the sour morello cherries hit with a tart punch.


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