Polly's - Big Feat, 5.1%

January is always a bit of a dirge isn’t it? Everyone is a bit skint, feeling the weight of the previous month and making grandiose plans to swear off the pints for a while. We support anyone taking a break, but for those who want an easygoing beer specifically designed for supping in a pint then your pals at Polly’s have you covered. Big Feat is a pale ale designed with maximum drinkability in mind – a hop bill of Citra, Mosaic and Bru-1 bringing the juice to the max, but with plenty of crisp bitterness to keep everything in check. Mosaic and Bru-1 are representing team juice here, with big overripe mango, tangerine, and berries playing off the pithy citrus bitterness brought to the party by Citra.


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