Little Pomona

Little Pomona - Hard Rain - 3.2%

Made from the second pressing of grapes and perry pears with the addition of water, this is our modern interpretation of an old historic drink – one we are calling perry-quette. We also like to think of it as upcycling pomace.

Here we brought together three grape varieties – Bacchus, Solaris and Seyval Blanc — together with two French varieties of perry pears, co-fermented spontaneously and bottled as a pét nat.

Hazy blue/green in colour, it’s super tropical and grapey on the nose. With a cool, herby edge and creaminess coming from the perry pears plus juicy citrus from the grapes, it’s been made uber-moreish and joyfully crushable by some glorious funky acid. Hot days just got cooler!

Serve very well chilled. Gluten free, vegan friendly and no added sulphites.

VeganGluten Free
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